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Are All Wheel Hubs Created Equal?

When it comes to wheel hubs and their performance on the road, not all parts are created equal. The design, materials and quality of wheel hubs vary by manufacturer, and original equipment quality parts are preferable to other products on the market. So you can’t base your purchasing decision solely on price or brand name. Rather, you need to look at performance and quality, instead.


The design of wheel hubs can drastically impact their performance on the road, which is why OE parts are more desirable than other models. The difference is that OE quality parts meet higher design specifications and perform better on the roadways. For example, BCA wheel hub assemblies meet OE specifications (including generation two and three parts), but are designed to be a compact, cost-effective solution for service providers and drivers. The design of these parts can make a world of difference when it comes to sourcing wheel hub assemblies and providing quality customer service.


The materials from which wheel hubs are made go hand-in-hand with their design and overall quality. Whether it’s forged steel or some other durable metal, the composition of hubs should impact your purchasing decision. Not all auto parts were designed to function in extreme temperatures, making it important to read the product information provided by wheel hub manufacturers. You do not want to install parts made from materials that cannot withstand the environments in which they’re expected to function.
Also, the materials wheel bearings are made from impact the functionality of wheel hubs. This makes it important to take bearing composition into consideration when selecting wheel hubs. For example, BCA tapered bearings are made from a long-lasting metal — case-carburized steel. This material is good for withstanding heavy-duty shock loads and can enhance the structural integrity of wheel hubs.


Quality wheel hubs typically result from superior design and manufacturing techniques. More specifically, parts machined to tight specifications -- normally within a couple thousandths of an inch -- will outperform other parts that aren’t precision-manufactured. That is why the manufacturing process is so important when it comes to purchasing wheel hubs. You want parts machined to precision thresholds that also come with warranties and a track record of reliable performance. There is no replacement for quality in the auto industry.

Wheel hubs are vital because they keep wheels and tires attached to vehicles, making it important to use the best parts on the market on your customers’ vehicles. Not all wheel hubs are created equal, especially when it comes to OE quality parts.