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At What Point Does a Damaged Wheel Hub Become Dangerous

Wheel hub assemblies are hardly noticeable when they’re performing at their optimum, but when they get damaged, danger is sure to follow. Poorly connected wheel studs, friction with brake rotors and excessive oscillation are all conditions that make damaged wheel hubs dangerous. Each situation has its own set of risks and consequences.

Damaged Wheel Studs

Wheel hubs keep wheels and tires attached to your vehicle, but if the wheel studs protruding from the hubs are damaged, it can lead to a serious accident. This includes having a wheel detach from your vehicle while the vehicle is in motion. Whether it’s the threading on wheel studs becoming stripped, or structural cracks in hubs near wheel studs, dangerous situations can arise when wheel studs are not functioning as they should.

Friction with Brake Rotors

Wheel hubs are in direct contact to brake rotors; excessive brake friction can cause a dangerous overheating situation to occur. Braking units are essential for vehicle safety and wheel hubs support brakes and your ability to stop quickly. Damaged hubs can detract from brake functionality and even cause brake units to fail when you least expect it. If a wheel hub assembly is out of adjustment and friction is occurring with brake rotors, you must correct the situation before it’s too late.


If a wheel hub hasn’t been torqued into place properly, it can oscillate, causing friction and damage to a variety of vehicle components. This includes damage to wheel bearings, brakes and tires, all of which are components that must operate properly if you’re going to navigate the roadways safely. Whether it’s the loss of steering and handling capabilities, or worn tires that can fail due to uneven wear, oscillating wheel hubs present a serious danger that must be repaired as quickly as possible.

There is no reason to let wheel hub assemblies and wheel bearings go without inspection and maintenance, because damaged units can put you at risk of accidents. Installing quality wheel hubs and bearings is the first step to avoiding potentially dangerous situations on the roadways.