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Cost-Benefit Analysis of Using OE-Quality Wheel Hub Assemblies

When you purchase wheel hub assemblies, the cheapest price for parts may seem appealing, but buying cheap parts can lead to problems for you and your customers further down the road. That’s why it’s important to weigh the costs versus the benefits, when purchasing and using OE-quality wheel hubs.

About the Higher Upfront Costs

The main drawback of purchasing OE-quality wheel hubs is the cost, which is usually higher compared to other products -- such as used parts and parts that do not meet OE specifications. However, the higher cost for OE parts shouldn’t be a deterrent. In the case of used hub assemblies, it’s not always clear whether the units are structurally sound. They may have minor defects that are not easy to detect, making them a risky purchase. With wheel hub assemblies that do not meet OE-quality specifications, there are risks that can cost you and your customers’ more money over the long-term.

For most shops, the benefits of OE-quality wheel hubs outweigh the higher costs:

  • Better Customer Service – The greatest benefit of using OE-quality wheel hubs is that they keep your customers’ vehicles handling properly on the road. With the right wheel hubs in place, customers will enjoy a smoother, more comfortable ride for a longer period of time. In short, the net result of using OE-quality wheel hub assemblies is better customer service. This can lead to repeat customers or additional referrals, which can further lead to better outcomes for your shop.
  • Higher Shop Revenues – The better job you do replacing and installing wheel hub assemblies, the greater the chances your business will be a success. Two keys to longevity and profitability in the auto business are repeat customers and a positive reputation in the community. OE-quality wheel hub assemblies will perform better, and your customers will appreciate it. You will see more jobs and higher revenues over the long run if you use high-quality auto parts.
  • Better Performance – OE-quality wheel hub assemblies will make vehicles and related parts perform better over time. For example, BCA tapered wheel bearings, which are made to withstand heavy-duty shock loads, are enhanced by high-quality wheel hubs. These tapered bearings are strong, because they are made from case carburized steel, and they're even more reliable with quality wheel hubs in place.

When you purchase OE-quality wheel hub assemblies, you’re buying parts that are inherently better than the cheaper alternatives. Your customers and your shop will benefit from the higher performance and reliability that comes from your commitment to quality.