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Go for the Best Rear Wheel Assembly Parts

The rear wheel assembly usually doesn’t have that many parts, but each of them plays a vital part in allowing your vehicle to move and roll along freely. They play an important part in the vehicle suspension, braking system, and steering.

When Your Rear Wheel Assembly Needs Replacement

If you are beginning to hear a grinding noise from the rear of your car while driving, it very well may be the rear wheel assembly. The noise will be more prominent while turning in the direction of the wheel with the problem. If the noise is more of a squealing sound, it may be the brakes. In any case, it needs to be checked out.
More often than not it will be the wheel bearing that has gone bad due to water, dirt, or simple age.

Get the Best OEM Replacement Parts

When you need to replace the rear wheel assembly you want to be sure that you get the best parts possible. Getting your parts through a repair shop that carries parts from BCA is the best way to know that your car is getting the best possible replacements. Don’t be afraid to ask about who supplies their parts. After all, you are paying for them, and you have a right to know.

BCA Has The Experience Behind It

When it comes to know-how on making quality parts for wheels, BCA (Bearings Company of America) has over 100 years of experience behind it. They started out as Star Ball Retainer Company that made ball bearing retainers for bicycles. In 1910, they merged with several other firms in the US and became BCA, and they began to make high-quality bearings for the developing auto industry. By early in the 20th century, many leading companies were using BCA parts for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). Today, BCA is the #1 supplier of original equipment, quality hub assemblies and they are now owned by NTN Bearing Corporation of America, which is a global manufacturer of bearing and rear wheel assembly parts.

BCA Quality Construction

When you get BCA parts, you are assured of getting the highest quality parts for your vehicle.

All BCA products are durable and robust. Components include seals, forged steel rings, rolling elements, precision cages, grease and hub bolts. All parts are highly engineered to meet original equipment design for high performance, function and correct fit and each hub is subjected to rigorous testing to ensure that the parts perform to BCA’s exacting requirements. With rear wheel assembly parts from BCA you can rest assured that your vehicle has had the best replacement parts possible.