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How Are OE Wheel Bearings Superior to Regular Parts

Given the vital role wheel bearings play in steering and handling, installing units that meet the highest quality standards is a priority. OE bearings outperform other parts on the market, especially when it comes to design, reliability and overall performance. There is no reason to settle for second best when OE bearings are the superior choice.

High-Quality Design

OE-quality means a number of positive things, including strict adherence to specifications set forth by vehicle manufacturers. Whether it’s effective bearing seals or the appropriate type and amount of lubrication, well-designed OE bearings outdo other parts in almost every way. Poorly-designed and poorly-manufactured parts may look impressive at first, but once they’re installed, they can cause damage in a multitude of ways simply because they do not meet precision thresholds.

Reliable Function

OE wheel bearings are designed to last, and have the precision manufacturing process necessary to function in tandem with other vehicle components. Given that bearings are in close proximity to brake rotors and wheels, they must function properly to prevent a catastrophic breakdown, or even a gradual malfunction attributable to friction. Also, the seals protecting wheel bearings must be effective to prevent contaminants from degrading bearing lubrication. OE bearings minimize friction and have reliable seals, helping units remain reliable even under rough road conditions.

Superior Performance

If you would like to keep your vehicle out of the shop and on the road where it belongs, you need to stick with OE-quality wheel bearings. The lubricants in other parts can wear out prematurely, causing problems in steering and handling. Also, other parts can fail because they are machined improperly, which can lead to a variety of performance issues on the road. To avoid wheels jerking when you attempt to steer, smoke coming from assemblies or bizarre noises coming from your wheels, be sure to stick with OE-quality bearings. Their overall performance is superior.

You want wheel bearings that are on the cutting edge of design, reliability and overall performance, especially when road conditions are difficult. OE-quality bearings have the strength and durability to get you where you need to go, as safely as possible.