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How Can Stocking the Right Wheel Bearings Make Your Shop More Efficient?

The efficiency and effectiveness of your shop is contingent on many important factors, including the quality of the wheel bearings you keep on hand. By stocking the right parts, you will reduce the amount of rework you perform, while cutting down on labor costs, turnaround times, and back-office delays.

Less Rework

With poor-quality wheel bearings, or parts unsuited for the job you’re performing, there’s the potential need for having to redo the repair at your expense. It is extremely costly to have a vehicle come back because you used a poor-quality component. Not only does it cause a disruption in the scheduled work for the day, the customer could lose confidence in your repair ability. Having to redo the repair drives up your operating costs and reduces the number of new jobs you can take in. Original equipment-quality wheel bearings will help you service vehicles right the first time, cutting down on rework, and enhancing the efficiency of your operations.

For example, BCA tapered bearings, which are made from case-carburized steel for heavy-duty shock loads and longer life, are ideal for reducing rework. These parts are designed to outperform nonconforming OE-quality parts, while keeping vehicles agile on the roadways. If your shop uses these bearings, it will reduce the amount of rework it performs, and increase its overall efficiency.

Lower Labor Costs

Poor-quality wheel bearings can drive up your labor-costs-per-project, whether you charge by the hour, or by the job. Even if you charge by the hour, reinstalling or removing poor-quality bearings can make you less efficient, and cut into your profit margins. Having the right amount and type of wheel bearings available, saves time and reduces the money you spend on direct labor. You can pass these cost savings along to your customers, making your shop more competitive in the marketplace.

Shorter Turnaround Times

Customer service is something that can make or break your business, so providing timely service is a must if you’re going to survive. If you have OE-quality wheel bearings in close proximity to your shop floor, it will reduce the amount of time your team members will spend working on a project, which translates into faster service for your customers. The faster and more efficient your team members are, the better for your customers.

Fewer Back-office Delays

Ordering parts and entering them into inventory can be a time-consuming process. It is one that can drive up your general and administrative expenses, along with your labor and opportunity costs. If you have
OE-quality bearings already stocked and ready to install, there will be fewer delays in your back-end operations, resulting in greater efficiency on and off your shop floor. Ideally, you can time the purchase of your shop inventory to optimize the purchasing function within your organization.

The right wheel bearings can do more than make a car easier to drive. They can also make your shop more efficiently and effectively, helping your business remain profitable in the long run.