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How Long Should It Take to Install a Wheel Hub Assembly?

The more efficiently and effectively you install wheel hub assemblies, the better service you will provide to customers and the more money your shop will make. As a result, your turnaround times for installation matter. There are a number of factors that influence installation time, though, making it important to standardize and measure the process relative to the type of vehicle you’re working on.

Factors Influencing Installation

Experience is one of the key factors affecting installation time. For new technicians, turnaround time can take up to a couple of hours. However, that time can be cut in half for shop veterans, especially if there are no delays in acquiring parts or tools. The condition of existing wheel hub assemblies and vehicle types can cause delays during installation, which can make it difficult to set one goal for every project you work on.

Key factors influencing turnaround times:

  • Two- or four-wheel drive
  • Technician experience
  • Tools
  • Installation procedures
  • Type of vehicle

Standardizing the Process

In large part, installation times are influenced by the tools and techniques used to perform the process. Sharing best practices among your employees and standardizing the installation process are important steps for optimizing turnaround times. You can hold team meetings, document processes and hold process improvement events to standardize your installation procedures. The more standardized your procedures are, the easier it will be to measure turnaround times and set benchmarks for performance.

Measuring the Process

Given all of the factors that can influence installation turnaround times, measuring the mean amount of time needed to install an assembly makes sense. Creating benchmarks around process averages or means can also help you monitor installation turnaround times using process excellence tools, such as control charts. These tools utilize averages or means to gauge process variability. If you create benchmarks for performance using effective indicators, you’re more likely to see process improvement and enhance your turnaround times, benefiting all stakeholders in your shop.

It’s important to install wheel hub assemblies as quickly and professionally as possible so that your customers are happy and your shop makes as much money as it can. Benchmarking the process for different types of vehicles is an essential step in developing turnaround times and setting goals for performance.