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Learn About Taper Roller Bearing at The Hub


Every day, people need information about taking care of their vehicles, and if you need, for instance, information on a taper roller bearing, then come to The Hub to watch one of our training videos. They are available 24/7 on our website for you to watch and learn. The Hub is the official website for BCA (Bearing Company of America) that has over 100 years of experience when it comes to wheels, wheel hub assemblies and roller bearings.

Hub TV has lots of instructional videos to help technicians and novices alike to learn more about the parts of the wheels in their vehicles, and you can easily search for the parts you are interested in by using the VIN, part number, product name, model, year or make of vehicle.

What are Taper Roller Bearings?

This is a type of bearing that is used in car hubs, which is mounted in pairs that are oppositely placed to handle thrust in two separate directions. They can handle large amounts of thrust load.

John Lincoln Scott invented the taper roller bearing in 1895 to improve the performance of wagon wheels for farming. Ever since, it has been improved and now is installed in vehicles like cars and trucks too.

What Does a Taper Roller Bearing Look Like?

These have an inner and outer ring raceway with segments of cone rollers made with a taper so if projected, these cone-shaped surfaces and roller axes would come together at a common point on the bearing’s main axis. It also makes it so the bearing doesn’t slide around.

What are the Components?

A taper roller bearing is detachable and is made of the following components:

  • Core – the inner ring
  • Cup – the outer ring
  • Tapered rollers – the rolling elements
  • Cage – the roller container that holds it all together

They generally are used for low speed, high load applications. Care should always be taken when tightening, as over-tightening can reduce the life of the bearings and under-tightening leads to excessive wear and endplay.

Get the Highest Quality Bearings from BCA

BCA is sold only to professionals, but you can always ask to be sure you are getting BCA parts when you have work done on your vehicle wheels. Our bearings are original equipment quality and are meticulously engineered to manage radial loads and thrust in housings and on shafts that rotate. BCA is the Number 1 manufacturers of original equipment manufacturer-quality replacement parts for wheel hub assemblies, roller bearings, including tapered roller bearings.