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Top 3 Ways to Save Money Installing Wheel Hubs

Installing wheel hubs is a process that requires attention to detail and diligence, but there are actions you can take to reduce the cost of the procedure without cutting corners. To save money, you can standardize the installation process, hire contract labor, and outsource the task to independent service providers.

Standardize the Process

Waste and inefficiency in auto shops tend to drive up operating costs. Whether it’s more labor hours for a fixed-price job, rework, or missed job opportunities, inefficiency can reduce your revenue streams and cause you to lose momentum growing your business. If you standardize the wheel hub installation process, including the types of tools and techniques needed to complete the job in an efficient manner, you will cut down on defects and extra labor hours. The net result is that you will save money on every job you take.

Also, it’s important to include the right wheel bearings during the wheel hub installation process. For instance, BCA tapered bearings are made from case-carburized steel, making them capable of withstanding heavy-duty shock loads. This material also gives them a longer life. In applicable situations, standardizing the installation of tapered bearings along with wheel hubs will further help your shop save money.

Hire Contract Labor

Employees can be expensive, even though they are oftentimes preferable to contract or temp labor. However, by utilizing contract labor, you can cut down on employee benefits payable, which in turn will cut down on your costs per job. So if you’re trying to expand your business, but you do not have the money to support the additional overhead, then you can turn to contract labor to help maximize your cash position.

Outsource to Third Parties

If your shop is experiencing fluctuations in customer demand, and you aren’t able to predict how many mechanics you’ll need to perform wheel hub installations, you can outsource the task to a third-party service provider. This tactic isn’t necessarily the right move for retail service providers. However, for shops dealing with commercial clients, it can help reduce labor costs while enhancing productive capacity. There is no reason to spend money on labor that you don’t know you’ll need. Rather, you can utilize the services of a subcontractor to save money and meet customer demand.

Saving money installing wheel hubs will boost your net profit and make your shop financially stronger over the long run. Incorporate these three tips into your installation process, and save money without compromising the quality of the service you provide.