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Why Should Customers Care About Wheel Bearings?

When your customers discuss vehicle performance, wheel bearings are probably not something they mention, but in actuality, these parts are vital. Wheel bearings affect steering, the wear and tear on tires, and the overall reliability of cars and trucks once they’re on the road. When you discuss wheel bearings with your clientele, it’s important that customers understand the impact these parts have on driving.

Steering and Handling

Every time your customers turn their steering wheels to change direction, bearings factor into the process and affect steering and handling. If bearings become damaged or worn out due to debris or age, your customers will find out quickly just how important these parts are. In addition to creating strange noises, malfunctioning bearings can make it harder to change direction and difficult to drive. Wheel bearings that fail completely can make steering virtually impossible. As a result, it’s important for customers to care about their wheel bearings, because they make driving possible.


Since wheel bearings are a vital part relative to steering and handling, they directly affect the overall safety of vehicles on the road. In extreme cases, bearing failures or malfunctions can cause customers to lose control of their vehicles, which can lead to all sorts of negative consequences. To avoid safety issues, your customers should make sure all work done relating to wheel bearings and wheel hub assemblies is performed with the utmost skill, given the impact these parts have on safety.


Well-designed wheel bearings made from the right materials, such as forged steel, last longer and reduce the amount of strain on other vehicle components. This leads to less vehicle maintenance over the long term, resulting in cost savings for customers. Effective bearings also lead to more efficient driving, which can translate to lower fuel costs. Wheels and tires that are responsive and operate in an optimal way last longer and perform better on the road. Ultimately, properly functioning wheel bearings keep vehicles out of the shop and on the road.

Your customers may not be aware of wheel bearings and their significance, but these parts matter. They affect vehicle handling, safety and reliability, making them important components for customers to care about.