The HUB’s instructional videos with Aftermarket Application Engineer Ted Bogel will take you step-by-step through diagnostic and installation procedures. The HUB videos offer on-demand, real-time education as well as training tips. In each video, Ted clearly walks you through easy-to-follow instructions that map the way to a successful solution.

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    Causes of Wheel Hub Failure
  • Ihwmc0J51yg
    BCA - Benefits of Using OE Quality Parts
  • JpRcc_56JPs
    Installation of a Gen 3 Wheel Bearing
  • nFKneZOxE1o
    Wheel Hub Diagnosis
  • mDKZ_--O3qk
    Installation of Non-Driven, Gen 2 Wheel Bearing
  • WcIR5RFGomk
    Introduction to The HUB from BCA
  • 1PZl_HiWJy0
    Gen 1 vs. Gen 2 vs. Gen 3
  • ylEFo-zGX80
    Maintenance Minute: Live Axle Bearing Replacement
    Maintenance Minute: Live Axle Bearing Replacement
  • XljIpcHGnaw
    Maintenance Minute: Measuring Flange Runout
  • cvWEfIc2jes
    Tech Minute: Wheel Bearings, CV Axles, Axle Nuts & Impacts
  • mvykjhLHsCE
    Reader Questions: Axle Nut Maintenance
  • 21vMTQfQ0Rs
    Tech Minute: Knuckle Bore Distortion